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 ===== Comparison to ordinary stranded wire ===== ===== Comparison to ordinary stranded wire =====
-<box 30% left #f0f0f0>+<box 40% left #f0f0f0>
 [[Stranded wire]] (non-Litz) under a microscope  [[Stranded wire]] (non-Litz) under a microscope 
 [[file/stranded_wire_magnetica.jpg|{{stranded_wire_magnetica.jpg}}]] [[file/stranded_wire_magnetica.jpg|{{stranded_wire_magnetica.jpg}}]]
 +<box 30% left #f0f0f0>
 +Stranded Cu cable, 240 mm<sup>2</sup> 
 {{page>insert/by_SZ}} {{page>insert/by_SZ}}
 </box> </box>
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