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World Magnetic Conference

Stan Zurek, World Magnetic Conference,, {accessed on 2020-12-05}


World Magnetic Conference - a free conference organised by the annual trade show Coiltech International Coil Winding Expo and Conference.1)

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World Magnetic Conference at Coiltech 2015 ASCII���User comments

by S. Zurek, Encyclopedia Magnetica, CC-BY-3.0

Segmented stator shown at Coiltech 2015, Pordenone Italy segmented_stator_-_magnetica.jpg

by S. Zurek, Encyclopedia Magnetica, CC-BY-3.0

World Magnetic Conference aims to stimulate interaction and sharing for skills and knowledge. The Conference is targeted at academia, industry, research centres, etc.2)

The Conference is free to attend (on a walk-in basis) for all Coiltech visitors. In 2106 there were the following main topics:3)

Organising committee in 2016

The Conference was chaired by Marco Villani, Professor of Design of Electrical Machines at University of University of L'Aquila.4)

The Steering Committee members were:

  • S. Kuester
  • Prof. E. Chiricozzi
  • Ing. G Pagani
  • Ing. M. Vecchio

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