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Privacy and cookie policy

Privacy policy

This page explains how and when personal data is collected, processed and used when accessing http://www.encyclopedia-magnetica.com.

Encyclopedia Magnetica is administered by Dr Stan Zurek. This website uses a PHP engine as defined in https://www.dokuwiki.org (DokuWiki).

Each user of the website remains anonymous. No additional personal data is collected by the website. Only IP address is used by the various components of the website and servers as dictated by the requirements of the internet technology.

If you choose to contact us by email then your name and email address may be stored in our email account. At any time you can request by email to have all your personal information removed from Encyclopedia Magnetica system.

Apart from website hosting (IP addresses), no data is shared with any third parties.

Normal non-logged visitors do not have any tracking cookies set (see the Cookie policy below).

The DokuWiki engine sets three cookies.

1. Cookie DokuWiki is the standard PHP session identifier. It is used to hold temporary data and to avoid CSRF attacks.

  • Applies to: all visitors
  • Importance: necessary
  • Typical content: random ID
  • Expires: at the end of the browser session.

2. Cookie DW<hash> Used for authentication after login. This holds the necessary data to (re)login a previously authenticated user.

  • Applies to: logged-in users
  • Importance: necessary for anyone who needs to log in. Not used for normal readers.
  • Typical content: encrypted username and password
  • Expires: at the end of browser session or 1 year (if “remember me” was selected)

3. Cookie DOKU_PREFS

Used for remembering helpful user preferences, like the size of the editor textarea.

  • Applies to: logged-in users
  • Importance: functional
  • Typical content: name/value pairs in plain text
  • Expires: in a year
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Privacy and cookie policy (GDPR).