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Encyclopedia Magnetica Syntax

This page contains syntax specific to Encyclopedia Magnetica. Please refer also the the basic syntax.

This page is being edited and might be incomplete. (list)
This page contains mostly images (see: Review process). (list)
{{page>insert/just photo}}

====  ====

see => **[[]]**


Article skeleton

====== Title ======

|< 100% >|
| //[[user/Stan Zurek]], **[[ ??? ]]** , [[http://Encyclopedia-Magnetica.com|Encyclopedia-Magnetica.com]], {accessed @YEAR@-@MONTH@-@DAY@}// |
| //[[/wiki/reviewed]] by [[user/???]], 20??-??-??// |
| //[[/wiki/awaiting review]] // |

{{page>insert/just photo}}

**Title** - [(ref name>[[ ref link | ref title]] )]

<box 30% left #f0f0f0>
//<sup>Copyright (c) </sup>//

===== See also =====
  *[[ ]]

===== References =====

{{tag> ??? Counter}}


<WRAP clear></WRAP>

Image pages

Every image must have its own “file page” created manually. The page should be placed in the namespace “file”. And because the file-page is in a namespace different from the root then the links must contain the “/” to give the full path to the file and to the articles. There must be two spaces before the file name, as in the example below.

The tags/categories should start with “Files” followed by whatever other category.

{{ /frm20_core_magnetica.jpg?500 }} 


<box round 75% #aaffaa>

{{tag> ??? Files}}


====== List of electromagnetic conferences ======


===== Full names =====
  * [[Annual Conference on Magnetics]]

{{tag>Lists Conferences}}

Chemical composition of alloys

1st number in % means table width, then there is a list of the column widths.

|< 50% 48% 52% >|
^  Chemical composition (% of weight)[(Supra_50SP)]  ^^
|  [[Ni]] 48% (typical)  |  [[Fe]] (balance)  |
Chemical composition (% of weight)1)
Ni 48% (typical) Fe (balance)


References are created by using the RefNotes plugin. The are listed at the end of an articles by calling:


They are inserted in the text by using any combination of these:

Just text:

[( text )]

Named reference, with link:

[(ref name>[[ ref link | ref title]] )] 

The link could be a link to Google Books (replace ??? with the ISBN number) from web address:


Sometimes an older book does not have an ISBN number, but it has an “id”, which seems to be referred to as “vid”. This can be used instead of ISBN but it must be used as “vid” (and ISBN number can be used with the “vid” rather than “isbn” link):


Or Google Patents (replace ??? with patent number, including US, eg. “US7117583”):


It is best to put images within the <WRAP> markers (please note the capital letters in “WRAP”).

The link is constructed in such a way, that the image is displayed, but it is also linked not the the file itself, but the the file page (see the section above).

<WRAP 30% right>
Description here \\ 
[[/file/no_photo.png|{{/wiki/no_photo.png?200}}]] \\
//<sup>by S. Zurek, E. Magnetica, [[https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/|CC-BY-3.0]]</sup>//

Description here

by S. Zurek, E. Magnetica, © Copyright

The under-the-image license information can be implemented as an “insert” (page include), as shown below. The page by_SZ must be defined properly (upper index, italic, etc).

<WRAP 30% right>
Description here \\ 
[[/file/no_photo.png|{{/wiki/no_photo.png?200}}]] \\


These work like “templates” in MediaWiki. A number of flags must be used to hide all the unnecessary items (date, user, tags, etc).

This page lists various names used in literature and practical applications.

This page is being edited and might be incomplete. (list)

There is more than one meaning.


The equations are created with mathpublish Plugin. More info here: http://www.xm1math.net/phpmathpublisher/doc/help.html

<m 16>S(t) = a_{n} ⋅ cos(n ⋅ omega ⋅ t) + b_{n} ⋅ sin(n ⋅ omega ⋅ t)</m>

<m 16>S(t) = a_{n} ⋅ cos(n ⋅ omega ⋅ t) + b_{n} ⋅ sin(n ⋅ omega ⋅ t)</m>

space = tilde ~

With the MathJax module the input is different: $ \lambda = N · \Phi$

$ \lambda = N · \Phi $

The recommended use of MathJax is as shown in the example below:

|  $P_{max} = \frac{\Delta T}{R_{th}}$  |  (W)  |
|  $$P_{max} = \frac{\Delta T}{R_{th}}$$  |  (W)  |
|  <html><div style="font-size: 200%;"> $P_{max} = \frac{\Delta T}}{R_{th}}$ </div></html>  |  (W)  |
$P_{max} = \frac{\Delta T}{R_{th}}$ (W)
$$P_{max} = \frac{\Delta T}{R_{th}}$$ (W)
$P_{max} = \frac{\Delta T}{R_{th}}$



Data sheet files

Data sheet files (PDF etc) are uploaded to the “Datasheet” namespace.

Usage in articles (example Pearson coil):

<WRAP 20% left>
Model 2877 (100 A)\\ 
[[{{/datasheet/pearson_current_monitor_2877.pdf}}|{{/wiki/datasheet_logo_magnetica.png?100}}]] \\
//<sup>Copyrights (c) Pearson Electronics, Inc.</sup>//

Data sheet pages

<box 50% round #ffa0a0 #ffa0a0>

This are also placed in the “file” namespace, but the links are specified differently, because a different logo is used to link it to the original file. They are tagged as “Datasheets” not “Files”.

<WRAP centeralign>[[this>lib/exe/fetch.php/datasheet/er14.5-3-7_ferroxcube.pdf|{{/wiki/datasheet_logo_magnetica.png?100}}]]</WRAP>

<box 50% round #ffa0a0 #ffa0a0|datasheet/er14.5-3-7_ferroxcube.pdf>
This file is an original data sheet as published by the manufacturer or the supplier. \\ 

It is a copyrighted © document and you are **not allowed** to extract or modify its content.

{{tag>Datasheets Ferrite_cores}}

To link to that page the same method is used as for any other image (see Image links).



<sup>//by XYZ, [[wp>Public Domain]]//</sup>
You can use this image freely, without any restrictions, because it was released into [[wp>Public Domain]].   

However, it would be nice if the following credits are given:
\\ \\ 
by , [[wp>Public Domain]], [[http://Encyclopedia-Magnetica|Encyclopedia-Magnetica.com]]


You can use this image freely, but you must give the following credits:
\\ \\ 
by Marcin Białek, [[http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/|CC-BY-3.0]] \\


You can use this image freely, but you must give the following credits:
\\ \\ 
by Marcin Białek, [[http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/|CC-BY-SA-3.0]] \\


<box 50% round #ffa0a0 #ffa0a0|pulse_transformer_cone_20mw.jpg>
This file is copyrighted and you are **not allowed** to use it without permission of the copyright holder.
\\ \\ 
Copyrights (c) Dominik Bortis, Eidgenössischen Technischen Hochschule Zürich.</box>

US Patents

<box 50% round #aaffaa #aaffaa|quadrature_vt.png>
You can use this image freely, but you should give the following attribution:
\\ \\ 
original source: [[http://www.uspto.gov/|United States Patent and Trademark Office]], license: [[wp>Public Domain]]</box>

//Copyright law (17 U.S.C. § 105) states that all materials created by the United States government are in the public domain. However, there are restrictions on use.

Anyone incorporating a work of the U.S. Government into a copyrighted work should be aware of 17 U.S.C. § 403. This section requires a copyright notice to contain a statement identifying what portions of the work consist of a work of the U.S.Government. Failure to do so could result in loss of copyright protection for the entire work.//

Main article

|< 100% >|
| {{/wiki/dokuwiki-128.png?20&nolink}} //See also the main article: [[Types of magnetism]].// |


==== A ====

==== B ====

==== C ====

==== D ====

==== E ====

==== F ====

==== G ====

==== H ====

==== I ====

==== J ====

==== K ====

==== L ====

==== M ====

==== N ====

==== O ====

==== P ====

==== Q ====

==== R ====

==== S ====

==== T ====

==== U ====

==== V ====

==== W ====

==== X ====

==== Y ====

==== Z ====


The width has to be specified at the start of a line before the table. The first value is used as width of the table, the rest is for columns. If you want to omit some value use a dash instead. The widths can be specified in any CSS units:

|< 100% 50px - 5em 10em 10% >|
^ A  ^  B  ^  C  ^  D  ^  E  ^
| 1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |
1 2 3 4 5


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