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Stan Zurek, SF6,, {accessed 2020-12-01}


SF6 (or in simple notation SF6) - gas used for high-voltage insulation.

The gas is much better electrical insulator than air, and enables gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) installations to be more compact than air-insulated (AIS) alternatives. The footprint of GIS substations can be up to 70% smaller than AIS substations.1)

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ABB employees filling gas-insluated switchgear with SF6 gas compact_gas-insulated_switchgear_ras_laffan_qatar_abb.jpg photo by ABB
SF6 GIS installation at the Ras Laffan power plant in Qatar photo by ABB
SF6 GIS installation photo by ABB
SF6 GIS installation photo by ABB

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