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 +====== Rolling direction ======
 +|< 100% >|
 +| //[[user/Stan Zurek]], Rolling direction, [[|]], {accessed @YEAR@-@MONTH@-@DAY@}// |
 +{{page>insert/just photo}}
 +**Rolling direction** - the direction in which [[lamination]] was [[rolling|rolled]] during mechanical processing, usually significant in production of [[electrical steel]]. In [[grain-oriented electrical steel]] the rolling direction corresponds with the direction of [[easy direction|easy magnetisation]].
 +<box 40% right #f0f0f0>
 +Rolling direction visible in [[induction motor]] laminations cut from [[non-oriented electrical steel]]
 +===== See also =====
 +  *[[transverse direction]]
 +===== References =====
 +{{tag>Electrical_steels Anisotropy Counter}}

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