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 +====== Quadrature voltage transformer ======
 +|< 100% >|
 +| //[[user/Stan Zurek]], Quadrature voltage transformer, [[|]], {accessed on @YEAR@-@MONTH@-@DAY@}// |
 +**Quadrature voltage transformer** - a name proposed by W.E. Sumpner for a circuit ensuring that the current flowing through a [[moving coil]] is in [[quadrature]] with the applied voltage. [(Sumpner>[[|William Edward Sumpner, Electrical measuring instrument, 1907, Patent US863008]])]
 +<box 50% right #f0f0f0>
 +Quadrature voltage transformer can be used for a construction of a voltmeter[(Sumpner)]
 +//<sup>[[|United States Patent and Trademark Office]], Public Domain</sup>//
 +A [[capacitor]] of a suitable value connected in series with a [[moving coil]] will ensure that the current flowing through the coil is a derivative of the applied voltage (for sinusoidal signals it will be in [[quadrature]]). The circuit could be used for a construction of a [[voltmeter]] as described in the original patent.[(Sumpner)]
 +===== See also =====
 +  *[[Quadrature current transformer]]
 +{{tag>Counter Voltage_transformers}}

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