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Stan Zurek, Permeameter, Encyclopedia-Magnetica.com, {accessed 2019-06-16}
Fahy Simplex permeameter1) fahy_simplex_nist.jpg National Institute of Standards and Technology Digital Collections
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Permeameter - a type of instrument used for measurement of magnetic properties of magnetically soft materials.

The name was first applied by Silvanus P. Thompson to an apparatus devised by himself in 1890. In his device the mechanical force required to detach one end of the sample from an iron yoke of special form is a measure of the permeability.2)

The table below lists some of the most commonly used DC permeameters. Their ranges overlap so that the total range of magnetic field strength is from about 4 A/m (0.05 Oe) up to above 400 kA/m (5000 Oe or 5 kOe).3)

Permeameter Useful magnetic field strength range (m) Method of sensing magnetic field strength Reluctance compensation Magnetising coil around the specimen
Babbit 3.2-80 kA/m magnetising current, H-coil yes yes
Burroughs (Burrows) 0.008-24 kA/m magnetising current yes yes
Fahy yes
Fahy Simplex (requires a standard sample for calibration) 0.008-24 kA/m H-coil no no
Fahy Simplex Super H adapter 8-200 kA/m H-coil no no
Full range 0.004-112 kA/m H-coil yes yes
High H 8-400 kA/m flip coil yes no
Iliovici 0.04-400 kA/m magnetising current, H-coil yes yes
IEC type A 0.008-200 kA/m H-coil, Hall-effect probe no yes
IEC type B 0.008-50 kA/m Rogowski-Chattock potentiometer no no
Isthmus 8-1600+ kA/m H-coil, Hall-effect probe no no
MH 0.008-24 kA/m flip coil yes yes
NPL 0.04-200 kA/m magnetising current, H-coil yes yes
Saturation 8-320 kA/m H-coil no yes

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