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 +====== Malozemoff'​s law ======
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 +| //​[[user/​Stan Zurek]], Malozemoff'​s law, [[http://​Encyclopedia-Magnetica.com|Encyclopedia-Magnetica.com]],​ {accessed @YEAR@-@MONTH@-@DAY@}//​ |
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 +Malozemoff'​s law for [[high-temperature superconductor|high-temperature superconductors]] at 77K (0T)[(Grant)][(Nasa)]
 +**Malozemoff'​s law** (or **Malozemoff law**) - increase of nominal [[current density]] for [[superconductor|superconductors]] due to progress in technology and science.
 +The slope of the curve is around 9.2 kA/​cm<​sup>​2</​sup>​ per year.[(Grant>​[[http://​arxiv.org/​ftp/​cond-mat/​papers/​0202/​0202386.pdf|Paul M. Grant, Thomas P. Sheahen, Cost projections for high temperature superconductors,​ Applied Superconductivity Conference, Palm Desert, CA, USA, September, 1998, {accessed accessed 9 Dec 2012}]])][(Nasa>​[[http://​www.niac.usra.edu/​files/​studies/​final_report/​320Zubrin.pdf|Robert Zubrin, Andrew Martin, The Magnetic Sail, Final Report to the NASA, Institute of Advanced Concepts, (NIAC), January 7, 2000, {accessed 9 Dec 2012}]])]
 +Malozemoff'​s law for superconductors follows the concept of a more widely known Moore'​s law for [[semiconductor|semiconductors]].
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 +===== References =====
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