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Magnetodielectric material

Stan Zurek, Magnetodielectric material,, {accessed 2020-12-05}


Magnetodielectric material (often abbreviated as MDM) - a magnetically soft material made as a composite by compressing magnetic particles in a dielectric material, which provides both electrical insulation and mechanical binding properties.

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Flux concentrator (green) made from Fluxtrol A, positioned on a round induction coil 1) fluxtrol_a.jpg Copyright © Fluxtrol Inc.

Magnetic properties of the final product depend on the average size of the particles, their shape and packing density. Mechanical properties are dictated mostly by the type and percentage of the binder.2)

Both, magnetic and mechanical properties are critical to production, as well as application of the materials. If used in induction heating they will be exposed to elevated temperatures and must retain ferromagnetic properties under operating conditions.

For instance, the manufacturer of Fluxtrol materials guarantees that they can work continuously at 250°C (and at 300°C for a short time). 3)4)


In 1996 two major forms of materials were available: solid and formable.5) Some of the solid materials can be machinable.6)

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