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 +====== International Bureau of Weights and Measures ======
 +|< 100% >|
 +| //[[user/Stan Zurek]], **[[International Bureau of Weights and Measures]]** , [[|]], {accessed @YEAR@-@MONTH@-@DAY@}// |
 +===== Definition =====
 +**International Bureau of Weights and Measures** (French: Bureau international des poids et mesures, BIPM) - international organisation acting on matters related to measurement science and measurement standards. 
 +<box 30% right #f0f0f0>
 +Seal of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM)
 +Typically, the organisation is referred to as BIPM and coordinates activities between the Member States, including the provision of technical services to support the infrastructure for the development and promotion of the  [[SI units|International System of Units (SI units)]].[(BIPM>[[|The role and objectives of the BIPM, {accessed 2020-03-07}]] )]
 +The official website of BIPM:
 +===== See also =====
 +  *[[SI units]]
 +===== References =====
 +{{tag> BIPM SI_units Counter}}

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