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Stan Zurek, Inductica, Encyclopedia-Magnetica.com, {accessed on 2019-06-16}
reviewed by Jeanete Leicht, 2013-07-08
A slide on power loss in electrical steel, from a presentation by ThyssenKrupp at Inductica, in CWIEME, Berlin, 2011 inductica_presentation_magnetica.jpg

by S. Zurek, E. Magnetica, CC-BY-3.0

Inductica - a free conference held at each Coil Winding, Insulation & Electrical Manufacturing Exhibition.

Inductica is free to attend and does not require registration, apart from the access to CWIEME. It is accessible to all the visitors on a “walk-in” basis. The conference is held usually over more than one day, in multiple sessions devoted to different topics. For instance, at CWIEME 2013 in Berlin the seminars was on:1)

  • Strategic sourcing
  • Manufacturing and innovation summit
  • Generators and motors workshop
  • New products and technology showcase

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