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Stan Zurek, Hz,, {accessed 2020-10-28}


Hz or hertz - a unit of frequency, reciprocal of cycle or period.

According to the SI terminology, hertz is a coherent derived unit, because it can be derived from the base unit of second by raising to the power of -1. Hertz can only be applied to periodic phenomena.1)

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50 Hz sine waveform has 20 ms cycle, and 100 Hz sawtooth waveform has 10 ms cycle

by S. Zurek, Encyclopedia Magnetica, CC-BY-3.0

In older publications the phrase cycles per second (cps or c.p.s.) was used to denote frequency, and it was a unit synonymous with hertz so that 1 cps = 1 Hz.2)3)

Calculator of frequency and time

$f = 1 / t$ (Hz)
frequency f =

period t=
$t = 1 / f$ (s)
period t =

frequency f=

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