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Stan Zurek, Gearmotor, Encyclopedia-Magnetica.com, {accessed 2020-02-19}
reviewed by Jeanete Leicht, 2013-01-24
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Gearmotor1) (also gear-motor2) or gear motor3)) - a single compact device which comprises both: an electric motor and a set of gears, usually for reducing the rotational speed and increasing torque of the output shaft.

Depending on application, almost all types of motors can be employed in gearmotors: asynchronous, synchronous, direct current, etc.

Similarly, the reduction gears can be of many types: worm, cogwheel, planetary, planetary-lantern, and wave transmissions. Type of gears and lubrication system might limit the position in which the assembly can operate.

A gearmotor with a cut away showing the structure of the gears gearmotor_magnetica.jpg

by S. Zurek, E. Magnetica, CC-BY-3.0

Low-power gearmotors: worm gear of a windscreen wiper drive (top), cogwheel gear (left) and a planetary gear (middle) CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v80), quality = 85 by Ulfbastel, Public Domain

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