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Fluxtrol LRM

Stan Zurek, Fluxtrol LRM, Encyclopedia-Magnetica.com, {accessed 2019-10-23}

Fluxtrol LRM - trade name of high-frequency magnetic material manufactured by Fluxtrol Inc. There is a whole class of materials named Fluxtrol.

The letters LRM stand for Lamination Replacement Material.1)

Fluxtrol LRM is designed to be used in flux concentrators for induction heating. The manufacturer recommends operating frequency between 0.02-50 kHz.

Magnetisation curves of Fluxtrol and Ferrotron materials2)

by S. Zurek, E. Magnetica, CC-BY-3.0



Basic parameters of Fluxtrol LRM3)
density +/-2% 6.6 g/cm³ = 6600 kg/m³
initial permeability 63
maximum permeability 120
saturation flux density 1.6 T
operating frequency range 0.02-50 kHz
temperature resistance 250°C (long term), 300°C (short term)
thermal conductivity 0.2 W/(cm·C) = 20 W/(m·K)
resistivity 0.5 kΩ·cm = 5 Ω·m

Data sheet

Data sheet for Fluxtrol LRM

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