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Fluxtrol F

Stan Zurek, Fluxtrol F,, {accessed 2020-12-01}


Fluxtrol F - a trade name of high-frequency magnetic material manufactured by Fluxtrol Inc. There is a whole group of materials named Fluxtrol (by the same company).

Fluxtrol F is designed to be used in flux concentrators for induction heating.

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Basic parameters

Fluxtrol F 1)
density +/-2% 5000-5200 kg/m³
initial permeability 15
temperature resistance up to 350°C

See also


1) R.S. Ruffini, V.S. Nemkov, Magnetic Field Control and Concentration in Induction Heating Coils, Proceedings of the 16th ASM Heat Treating Society Conference and Exposition, 19-21 Mar 1996, Cincinatti, Ohi, US, p. 125-133
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